3x3 Video Grid Strategy

The 3x3 Video Grid Strategy helps us build brand awareness first, then build social engagement, and lastly, convert the sale. Each step consists of three different one-minute videos, strategically designed to generate social leads.


WHY is how we bring it all together– to get attention, establish authority, and have a meaningful first touch. Here you tell stories from the founder, users, and anyone else authoritative to your target audience. You want your one-minute videos to make people FEEL so you can align on shared values.

HOW is teaching what you know– especially what you would do if your product did not exist to solve the problem. Teach via simple recipes in steps to get something done without talking about your product. Talk about broader industry issues and interview experts.

WHAT is what you’re already doing to sell– based on price, features, special dates, testimonials, and other traditional marketing.

The 3×3 strategy is an "EVERGREEN" product marketing funnel that will work for you timelessly and tirelessly– no need to keep producing expiring content.

How this Ties in Building my Personal Brand?

The strength of your personal brand grows when you have interviews with the CEOs of major corporations, local politicians, and high profile people in your 3x3 Video Grid.

What high-authority people say about you or with you is more powerful than anything you might say about yourself.

The key to building your personal brand with high-authority individuals is straightforward- prepare ONE QUESTION you like to ask people. Make it one that ties into something important to you-- something you'd like to be known for. You can ask them what mentorship means to them, their favorite book, or one tip on how to find the right employees. Your question options are limitless, but make sure it's a question you can grow your career with for the future.

You can build perceived authority by speaking on stage and hanging out with high authoritative people. This network creates a structure called the Topic Wheel that's used to leverage the power of other people's network. Also, because of the reciprocating relationship you have built with these authoritative people, they are glad to be a part of this.