TikTok Ads: Your Secret Weapon for Outperforming Competitors

TikTok Ads have become a game-changer for businesses, and Brady Sticker, the founder of ChurchCandy Marketing, is here to unveil their potential. Initially perceived as a platform for teenagers, TikTok has rapidly evolved into a global powerhouse, capturing the attention of diverse audiences. The decision to test TikTok advertising yielded surprising results for Brady and his clients, outperforming other channels with cost-effective lead generation. Crafting effective TikTok Ads involves blending seamlessly with the platform’s unique style, utilizing short video clips that engage viewers. TikTok’s diverse audience, extending beyond teenagers, offers tremendous potential for businesses, making it a worthwhile avenue to explore.

Ryan Juarez: How He Increased His Reach to 8 Million in One Day

Growing your online presence can feel like an overwhelming challenge. For Ryan Juarez, however, the Dollar a Day strategy was the game-changer he needed. Let us delve into his remarkable accomplishment as he shares how the Dollar a Day strategy helped him reach over 8 million people in just one day.

Dennis Yu and Danny Barrera: Let’s Fix Your Website for Better SEO

Let’s Fix Your Website is a monthly webinar series hosted by the San Francisco Small Business Development Center and San Francisco Public Library. It is a live audit workshop where business owners can get the opportunity to have their websites audited by Dennis. In this episode, Dennis was joined by his good friend, Danny Barrera, founder of Concrete Marketing Crew, to share his expertise.

Kim D. H. Butler: Master Your Finances Through Whole Life Insurance at Prosperity Thinkers

Recently, Dennis had the privilege to interview Kim D. H. Butler, founder of Prosperity Thinkers, a company offering whole life insurance solutions for storing cash and creating liquidity. She is one of the top thinkers in the finance industry. With years of experience and a deep understanding of personal finance, she shares her insights on a powerful financial tool—whole life insurance.

Charlene Li: The Future of AI in the Funeral Industry

I had a fascinating conversation with Charlene Li, an expert in Digital Transformation and Chief Research Scientist at PA Consulting. We discussed how AI is entering the funeral services industry. You might wonder why we’re discussing AI in this context, but it’s truly intriguing and could revolutionize how funeral directors work. Making AI Tangible for Funeral Directors Let’s start by …

How To Avoid Getting Scammed by Your Agency

Jonathan Bannister, President and CEO of Cornerstone Marketing Solutions, interviewed Dennis to discuss the importance of transparency in Digital Marketing and why clients should insist on getting access to their digital assets to avoid getting scammed. They also discussed 15-second videos and how to get video reviews onto Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Here is a condensed version of the interview.

Let’s Boost Your SEO by Creating Your E-Book

One of my websites has an incredible 12.8 million links from 54,500 sites. Each link is a valuable vote, passing on essential link juice, resulting in an impressive Domain Rating (DR) of 74. To put this in perspective, a DR above 60 indicates a major media site, like CNN, which boasts a DR of 93. In contrast, most local businesses …