How EcoCare Pest Control is Revolutionizing the Industry with Pest Insurance

Exploring the World of Pest Insurance: A Conversation with Ken VanDijk

In a recent insightful exchange between Will Troup, Dennis Yu, and Ken VanDijk from EcoCare Pest Control, we delved into the relatively unexplored concept of pest insurance. This conversation highlights the growing trend and the practicality of this unique form of insurance.

The Emergence of Pest Insurance

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Ken VanDijk: Initially, I was curious about when people usually opt for pest insurance – is it a post-infestation decision or a preemptive measure? Surprisingly, many customers choose pest insurance upfront.

Dennis Yu: That’s interesting. But how do people usually discover this option?

Ken VanDijk: It’s either introduced during a consultation or sold over the phone. However, there’s a prerequisite – the customer needs to initiate contact.

Customer Motivation and Marketing Potential

Dennis Yu: What drives people to sign up for pest insurance? Especially if they aren’t currently dealing with an infestation?

Ken VanDijk: The primary appeal is long-term peace of mind. Most people have a low tolerance for pests, and for a reasonable monthly fee, they can ensure their home remains pest-free.

Dennis Yu: So, it’s similar to why one would purchase services like AAA – for the assurance and readiness.

Ken VanDijk: Absolutely, and there’s a growing trend towards this kind of proactive pest control, especially in areas like the South.

Adoption Rates and Strategic Selling

Ken VanDijk: In the South, regular pest control is common, with over 90% participation. However, in the Northwest, we’ve historically seen only about 11-12% engagement, though this is changing. We introduce pest insurance as our best and most popular program when customers call with immediate issues.

Dennis Yu: So, offering pest insurance as a first option encourages more long-term commitments?

Ken VanDijk: Precisely. Though some opt for a short-term solution, presenting pest insurance often leads to more sign-ups.

The Economics of Pest Insurance

Dennis Yu: Could someone sign up for pest insurance as a cost-effective way to address an immediate problem?

Ken VanDijk: They can, but there’s a 12-month initial contract to cover costs. After that, it shifts to a more flexible month-to-month agreement, much like car insurance or an alarm system.

Conclusion: Pest Insurance as a Household Necessity

This conversation with Ken VanDijk was an eye-opener to the practicality and increasing popularity of pest insurance. It’s not just a service for immediate pest issues but a long-term commitment to maintaining a comfortable, pest-free environment.

Ken VahnDijk is the owner of EcoCare Pest Control, a pest control company serving local residents in Vancouver and Portland.

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