Dennis Yu and Jacob Hastings on What It Means To Be a Successful Virtual Assistant

Dennis and Jacob Hastings got together to talk about what it means to be a successful virtual assistant (VA). They discuss the misconceptions about virtual work, the importance of performance-driven roles, and the necessity of self-discipline. This post is a condensed version of that conversation.

The Evolution of Virtual Assistants

Dennis kicks off the conversation by highlighting the evolving nature of virtual jobs. He emphasizes that being a successful virtual assistant is not about mundane secretarial tasks. It is about having the freedom to manage your time and work from anywhere. The distinction between a traditional office job and a virtual one lies in the focus on performance over physical presence.

Performance vs. Coverage

Dennis stresses the significance of performance-oriented roles. In a virtual job, employers value results over arbitrary factors like office attire or clocking in at a specific time. Jacob believes that performance jobs offer the potential for higher earnings compared to coverage-based jobs.

The Freedom of Virtual Work

Dennis acknowledges the risks associated with the freedom of virtual work. While you have the flexibility to choose your work environment, distractions can be a challenge. The responsibility falls on individuals to maintain self-discipline and prioritize their work over leisure activities.

The Myth of the “Laptop Lifestyle”

The conversation turns to the misconception of the “laptop lifestyle.” Dennis and Jacob clarify that some people who appear to be living a luxurious life while working remotely are often working tirelessly behind the scenes. Maintaining a high level of availability and commitment is crucial in the virtual job landscape.

Progressing in Your Virtual Career

Dennis emphasizes that as you progress in your virtual career, your responsibilities will increase. You will transition from performing tasks to managing teams and clients. This transition makes you more of a manager with higher levels of responsibility.

Mentorship vs. Boss Mentality

The conversation pivots to the difference between mentorship and a boss mentality. Jacob highlights that a mentor provides guidance, assistance, and a vested interest in your success. A boss, on the other hand, merely assigns tasks without a personal commitment to your growth.

Resources for Virtual Success

Jacob outlines the essential resources for virtual success, including a reliable computer, internet access, and the right tools for your job. Portable chargers, quality microphones, and noise-canceling earbuds can enhance productivity in various work environments.

Creating Value for Clients

Dennis and Jacob stress that creating tangible value for clients is paramount. Demonstrating how your skills directly impact their bottom line can lead to increased pay and long-term success.

Understanding Business Strategy

Understanding the business strategy is key to excelling in any role. It is not just about performing tasks but comprehending how your contributions align with the company’s objectives. Being proactive and showing that you care about the success of the business sets you apart.

What It Means To Be a Successful Virtual Assistant

As Dennis and Jacob wrap up their insightful conversation, they leave us with the thought that the virtual job landscape offers endless opportunities for those willing to embrace self-discipline, prioritize performance, and continually strive for personal and professional growth. The world of virtual work is not just a job. It is a path to greater freedom and potential.

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