You’ll Know When You Find a Promising Virtual Assistant

I am always looking for great talent who can provide tremendous value to my team and business, iHomes Colorado. Recently, I found Ann, a promising virtual assistant from the Philippines. Right from the start, I saw potential in her, and as she went through the training, she continued to impress me with her ability to understand the frameworks and processes that Dennis has built throughout the years. Here are some of the videos she recorded to demonstrate her comprehension.

promising virtual assistant

How to Properly Record Work Hours

Basecamp Rules

The Three Client Tiers

The 9 Triangles

The Funnel

Business Strategy

Optimize and Iterate

Introduction to the Content Factory

The Importance of the Content Factory

Digital Plumbing Part 1

Digital Plumbing Part 2

Digital Plumbing Part 3

Facebook Dollar a Day Chapters 1 and 2

Facebook Dollar a Day Chapters 3 and 4

Facebook Dollar a Day Chapters 5 and 6

Facebook Dollar a Day Chapters 7 and 8

TikTok Dollar a Day

Twitter Dollar a Day

How To Create a Twitter Campaign

Google Profiles

Get Things Going With Google

When You Find Your Promising Virtual Assistant

I have had a lot of virtual assistants, so I know that folks like Ann are rare. When you find people like her, support them by providing training and guidance. It will be worth it because, in the end, they will help your business scale.

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