How Plumbers Can Use Google Local Service Ads (LSA) to get More Phone Calls

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Are you a plumber that wants to get more phone calls? If you are, I highly recommend you read this blog post and understand how powerful Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) platform is. This article is intended for plumbers who have LSA accounts and want to get more calls, or people who are brand new and are interested in creating a Local Service Ads accounts.

Service Areas

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When you are choosing your service areas in Local Service Ads, make sure your locations are accurate. If you get a phone call for an area you have marked, Google expects you to follow through and serve that customer. If you don’t serve an area, make sure it isn’t blue in the map!


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Make sure you add as many high-quality photos to your LSA profile as you possibly can. For each photo you upload, you will be asked to identify the type of photo it is. These identifications include:




-Equipment & Vehicles



Try your best to give each image the proper identification. If you are unsure what it fits in, use “other”.

Business Hours

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Business hours are pretty self-explanatory, however, you need to make sure that during the business hours you have set, someone is always available to answer the phone if a customer calls.

If you have your business hours set to close at 5pm, and a customer calls at 4:55, you are expected to answer the phone. If you repeat the pattern of unanswered calls, Google LSA will send you less leads. On the alternative, if you consistently pick up the phone and deliver, Google LSA will send you more calls.

Google Local Service Ads Best Practices

If you take away one thing from this blog post, let it be this: Plumbers who consistently answer the phone and mark leads properly will continue getting more calls from Google Local Service Ads. Here are some other things to consider:

-Make sure “Job Types” are filled out and accurate.

-Set your budget to 3x your weekly spend so Google knows you want more calls.

-Keep your licenses up to date and renew when necessary.

-Consistently collect and respond to Google Reviews

-Ensure message leads are responded to quickly.

-Make sure your CSRs are marking leads as soon as possible.

Are You Googleable?

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My name is Will Troup, and I’ve helped many plumbers succeed in setting up and optimizing their Local Service Ad accounts through my plumbing marketing agency, LocalSink.

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