How to Blacklist Unreasonable People to our Site and Products




I. Suspending the user in Academy

1. From the Academy dashboard, select Users.


2. Search for the user’s email address.

image 1

3. Select Suspend, then confirm by clicking OK.

image 2

Members who are suspended will be logged out and not allowed to log in again. Their content will be hidden from all members of your network.

II. Setting the user as spam in Infusionsoft.

1. From the Homepage, click the Menu icon and select the settings under Admin.

image 3

2. Select Application, then scroll down to the latest email of Spam Filters.

image 4

3. Enter the email address of the user that you want to blacklist and press save after.

image 5

This will prevent the user from buying any of our courses and packages since the system will consider them as spam and will not process their transaction.