Community Manager: Help me look good, and help us build meaningful relationships with our audience across our social media channels

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Make a list of every podcast that I’ve been on— should be hundreds over the years.

Inventory the main URL and have columns for the various places they post it (Apple podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, ListenNotes, audible, website, etc).

Add columns for who interviewed me, the topic, length, LinkedIn profile of who interviewed me, website of the interviewer, company of the interviewer, and podcast date.

Generally Googling me, you’ll see me being interviewed and vice versa– even in the media.

There are some sites that already aggregate some of this information, so please take notes on who these are– plus your observations of what they have, don’t have, etc.

Because I want to not only complete this research task but document the “behind the scenes” of what it’s like to assemble the podcast profile of someone medium-well known like me.

So please do take good notes along the way, so we can turn it into a blog post, with step-by-step instructions that anyone else can follow.

I’ll hire anyone qualified– which will likely be a few people.

* At the entry-level, you’re not just data entry, but lightweight community management and have perfect written English. Maybe you’re not aware of the tools we have in the “Content Factory“, but you’re eager to learn and can think for yourself without needing micromanagement.

* At the mid-range level, you understand my material well and know the leaders in our space well enough to coordinate on content/articles/podcast guests/etc… You know how to repurpose content effectively, since this stage of collecting content then means we turn long-form content into podcast episodes, books, courses, social media snippets, etc…

* At the senior level, you know how to manage teams and have evidence that you have built step-by-step processes that others have successfully used. You actively embrace the 9 principles we teach, called the 9 Triangles.

Tell me which level you think you are at.

Before you submit your proposal, make sure you don’t make one of the 3 mistakes that get your application rejected. And use the keyword “CNN” in your post to show you’re paying attention.

We accept only folks with strong ratings who can demonstrate they have some similar projects. Don’t submit a ton of random stuff for me to have to dig through to see if you might be a fit– since that means you need me to do your work for you.

There is much room to grow with us– since we are expanding the clients and partners we have. You can Google me “Dennis Yu” to see what we’re up to and see if you’re as excited about creating a million jobs as we are– based on step-by-step training from tasks we’ve personally completed.

I have clients that want this, too– so that could be a test project since there are thousands of mentions for me, which keep growing each day.

I like to communicate via email and basecamp– sometimes Skype if we need to be real-time.  I don’t care what hours you work– just get your stuff done and be responsible.

I’m looking for a long-term relationship– not random projects there are there (which is a headache for you and for me from all the stopping and starting, plus unpaid time trying to sift through nightmare clients and general fit).  

The more you know about my content, the more valuable you are– and therefore, the more I should pay you.

We’re not just looking for any Community Manager. Experience is nice to have, but what we’re looking for is someone who is also reliable, good with communication, and consistent.

If you think this is you, send an email to together with your portfolio and a one-minute video letting us know who you are and how you can contribute to BlitzMetrics. You can prepare by writing bullets, but do not read the words to your camera. We’re looking for communication skills, not the lighting or how nice your hair is. Communicating without reading a script is key.

If you submit a response that is not personalized, it will get ignored.