How To Edit A Video For A 15-second Story Or An Instagram Story

1. Start with a 3-5 sec Hook, then transition to the main video with a quick OBB (around 2-3 sec).

2. Alter Video to Desired Format/Add Banners (9:16 or 1920x1080).

3. Always follow the clients branding colors.

4. Trim video and make sure that it will not exceed more than 1 minute.

  • IF the video is too long and most content are relevant, THEN speed up narration by 10% and adjust pitch accordingly to hit the 1 min mark

5. Remove unnecessary chatters, scenes and dead airs.

  • We want to make our client look and sound professional.

6. Add lower thirds of the speaker when necessary.

  • Place this whenever the speaker is introduced or introducing him/herself.

7. Add Captions.

  • Run it through Descript. (coordinate with your Team Lead for the login details)
  • Always double check spelling, punctuation and other grammatical errors as we want to have a few number of iterations.

8. Color grade/correct when needed.

9. Add minimal background music (do not use copyright music)

10. Add Call to action according to the content and purpose of the video.

11. Add appropriate tailslides if needed.

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