Learn in 7 Days - How To Drive More Local Clients


Our Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

GBP Guide
  • The course includes our step-by-step detailed 50-page guide with simple checklists and supporting videos to help you set up your Google Business Profile to drive more local clients.
  • This works for anyone that has a business, whether it is a restaurant, a lawyer’s office, a dentist’s office, etc.
  • Why Google? Because that’s where most local businesses get their clients from. There’s also word of mouth, but Google beats that because you can get the information instantly. You get to see reviews, you get directions, photos, and a lot more in a matter of seconds - and people love that. Going where your prospects are is the best way to go about generating new customers.

This guide will show you the what and the how of doing this.

Is your business on the 1st page of Google?

Wondering how you can fully optimize your Google Business Profiles so you can make the most of it and be able to rise to the top of the search? 

By the end of the course, you will receive the accompanying guide and should have in-depth knowledge that will teach you:

    • The basics of Google Business Profile. How to set it up and how to verify

    • How to customize and what to post on your GBP Profile

    • Importance of Google Reviews and how to get them

      • How to claim and how to edit your Google Business Profile

      • What not to do to avoid getting suspended and what to do if the time comes