Setting measurable and meaningful goals

Your Goals are your Metrics and your Mission

We break goals into two different parts. The first half is your mission. This is your WHY, or what you want to do with your brand, product, or business. Do you want to teach people how to cook? Sell a product? Write music people will enjoy listening to?

Whatever it is, every brand and company has some mission behind it. Our mission at CoachYu is to give jobs to young adults. We give most of our training to students as part of our mission.

In order for the mission to work, you need the second part, metrics. This is where you try to sell a product. When you think of goals, you need to understand what your mission is because this is going to dictate how you create your content further down the line. This is because mission and content tie together.

Goals tie back to your mission and the mission works hand in hand with the metrics. What we're going to go over next is how to decide what your metrics are, what to look for, and especially, if you don't know already, your mission. If you're not sure what your metrics are or what your goals are, we're going to teach you how to get to that point.

Figure out what you stand for (your “WHY”)

Before you start the process of personal branding, you need to define what you want to brand yourself as.

If you're passionate about music, you might want to become the best marketer in the music industry. Or maybe you're passionate about sports. Establish yourself as the top social analytics expert in the sports industry.

Once you figure out what you stand for, everything else can start to fall into place.