Hiring Virtual Assistants
Frequently Asked Questions

What can a VA do for me?
A VA can be more than just an assistant. They could be a programmer, graphic designer, and so on. The Philippines has the full spectrum of skills that you might need. VAs allow you to work on your business instead of in your business

What can I expect from VAs from the Philippines?
Can you expect a VA to get good, full-time work done but also be an affordable investment? Absolutely!

What makes hiring from the Philippines different?
We’ve seen firsthand that our VAs are capable of doing great work from home where they are comfortable and, therefore, able to accomplish tasks more efficiently. They are no longer held back by commuting and dealing with the traffic problems which makes employees feel burned out even before they start working in the office. A significant number of college graduates, trained individuals, and overall, talented, hard-working Filipinos are underemployed or unemployed. By hiring Filipino VAs, we help with the country’s unemployment problem and provide career opportunities that they would typically not have access to so they can grow professionally.

How do I delegate work to my VA?
We use checklists that VA’s can learn and execute so we can concentrate more on growing our business. What is the filtering process? Our VA prospects go through a 6-Stage Qualifying Process. This includes a test project that they work on so we can measure their capability and communication skills. Through this process, we can see if they are a good fit for us and also see if we are a good fit for them.
VA Hiring Process
Filtering Process