How To Create a Web Page for Pillar Content (Long-form Video)

Task Checklist

Information that you will need:

  1. Login credentials to BlitzMetrics' WordPress account
  2. Link or a copy of the edited long-form video
  3. Copy of the text that goes along with the video on the page
  4. Links to related content


  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Creating a new page
  3. Add the title
  4. Add a featured image
  5. Add text
  6. Add more elements
  7. Add anchor text

Estimated time from start to completion:

If you're a first-time user of WordPress, it may take time for you to finish a page, but once you get the hang of it, you should be able to finish building a page within an hour. Of course, this depends on the complexity of the page. If there are a lot of elements to add, then it will take longer to complete. However, it shouldn't take too long.

Step 1: Log in to WordPress

Go to BlitzMetrics’ WordPress site and input your login credentials. You should get your username and password from Operations before doing anything else. Just in case you don't have them yet, send your request to

Step 2: Create a new page

After logging in, make sure you land on the "Dashboard" of the WordPress account. On the sidebar on the left, go to "Posts" and then select "Add New."


Step 3: Add the title

Add the title, but check for proper capitalization before adding.


Step 4: Add a featured image

To add a featured image for the post you're building, you first need to access the "Settings" sidebar on the right. If it's not showing, click on the cog icon in the upper right corner of the page. Once the sidebar is visible, click on the "Set featured image" box.

Next, go to "Upload Files" and then click on "Select Files" at the center of the page.

Use the dialog box to navigate to the location of the image that you want to use for the featured image and then press "Open."

On the "Featured Image" page, click on "Set featured image."


Step 5: Add text

Adding text or blocks of text (copy and paste) to the page is easy. All you have to do is type inside the highlighted box below, or copy a block of text from a source and paste it into the box.


Step 6: Add more elements

To add new blocks to your page, click on the + sign (turns to x once selected) at the upper left corner of the page to toggle the block inserter. From here, just select the type of block that you want to add. The most common blocks are paragraphs, images, and videos.


If you're going to add an image or a video block, select accordingly from the sidebar and then select "Upload", "Media Library", or "Insert from URL."

a. With Upload, you need to select the media from your computer.
b. With Media Library, you're going to choose from media already uploaded into WordPress.
c. With Insert from URL, you just need to input the URL to the image or video.


Step 7: Add anchor text

Anchor text is text with an embedded link. You'll know if a word or group of words contains a link because it's displayed in blue. To create anchor text, highlight a word or group of words and then select the link icon from the floating toolbar that will appear. Next, type in or paste the URL in the dialog box that will appear and press enter.


That's it. Now, let's see you create your own web page.

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Verification Checklist

The documented task must meet the following criteria:

#1. The heading fonts are set to H2.

#2. The web page contains a featured image.

#3. The web page links to other learning resources.

#4. All the anchored text (clickable text) is working and leads to the intended pages or documents.

#5. The web page was checked for errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and consistency.

#6. The title has been checked for proper capitalization.