How to Edit Sounds in Descript

We all know that some sound on webinars is absolutely horrible because people are talking on their laptops so there is a big tendency that the background is noisy but imagine if you could have studio sound quality as if there was a real microphone by just fiddling on the Descript App.


  • Descript Login credentials
  • Video File

Note: For access concerns, please email detailing what sites, tools, and materials you need access to..


1. Go to your Lastpass Account and Launch Descript.


2. Run the Descript App and click on “New Project”


3. Name the file in the Untitled Project area and then Click “Create Project”.


4. Import the RAW video by dragging the file from the source folder to the “Audio” icon in Descript.


5. Descript will then process your transcript. Just click “Done” on the below screen and wait for the transcription to finish.


6. Review the transcript’s words that have blue underlines and correct them manually by right-clicking on each word, and selecting Correct.

7. Turn the studio sound and flip back and forth between the two options and listen to the difference.

8. If you accidentally mentioned a word that you want replaced with something else. Just edit the word in the transcription and the Descript AI can generating your voice saying the words changed.

Here is a Video Guide:

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