How To Post On Instagram

What this guide will teach you

This guide will teach you how to create and submit a post on Instagram. We're going to post a screenshot of a Twitter post by Dennis in this guide. Please note that a computer was used to access Instagram here. It's going to be the same process if you're going to do this task on your smartphone instead. Let's get on with it!

Task Checklist

To execute this task, you will need the following:

  1. Login credentials for BlitzMetrics Instagram account (Request it through
  2. The content for the post

A screenshot of the BlitzMetrics Instagram page

Step 1: Prepare the screenshot

Referencing the platform you’re posting on helps make your content more contextual and relevant.

#1. Take a screenshot of your tweet.

A screenshot of a tweet posted by Dennis Yu

#2. Next, use your smartphone's or computer's photo editor to erase elements in the screenshot that are not necessary to show. Crop the image (if needed).

A screenshot of a tweet with some parts erased

Step 2: Creating the post

#1. Use the login credentials that were sent to you to log in to the BlitzMetrics Instagram account.

A screenshot of the login page of Instagram

#2. Create a post on Instagram by pressing on the "+" sign.


#3. Attach the screenshot and post it on Instagram.

The "Create a post" page on Instagram
A screenshot of the "select media" page of Instagram

#4. Crop the image if needed and then press on "Next." You don't need to do anything on the filters page, so click on "Next" there as well.

Filters page of the media selection tool on Instagram

#5. If you are going to add a link to the post, you need to shorten the URL first. Go to either Bitly or TinyURL to shorten it. Simply paste the link in the highlighted box on any of the two sites, and press the button.

A screenshot of the TinyURL homepage

#6. Add a caption. Add the link that you shortened if any.

Captions page of the post creation process
#7. When you're sure that the post is ready, simply press "Share."

A screenshot of the final page in the Instagram post creation process where the Share button is highlighted

That's it. Good job!

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Verification Checklist

The Instagram post must meet the following criteria:

#1. The correct image was used for the post.

#2. Unnecessary parts from the image were erased/removed.

#3. The image was cropped (if necessary).

#4. The URLs (if any) were shortened using Bitly or TinyURL and were added to the post.

#5. A caption was added to the post.

#5. You have checked the post for errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and consistency.