How to Upload a RAW Video to a YouTube Channel

1. Go to BlitzMetrics' Youtube Channel. For any access issues, please visit this page.

2. Click on the plus button (+) or select Create, then select Upload Video.


3. Select or drag and drop the files that you wish to upload.


4. Use the following naming convention for the title: RAW - [Title / Interview Subject] - [Topic] - [YYYY / MM / DD] 

5. Write the video’s description (if available) and once done, click on “Next”.

  • Tag the video based on topic / category (e.g. #LDT, #CCS, 9 Triangles, etc.)

  • Please write a good description so that other editors can read the description and immediately understand the context of the video (what event it was filmed at, what content is covered, any standout moments, etc.) - this again, buys the editor a lot of time back during the editing phase.

  • Optional: include the video’s #GCT in the description.

E.g. #LDT, Personal Branding

Logan teaching at Phoenix SuperFragilistic Growth Marketers Meeting
Goals: Showcase a behind-the-curtain snippet of one of our paid workshops.
Content: Social Amplification Engine, Facebook $1 A Day.
Targeting: Social media marketers, Small business owners, Members of XYZ Meetup-types.

We want to ensure every video is tagged appropriately. We need them transcribed and turned into articles as well as get one-minute snippets/summaries.



6. In the ”Audience Section”, choose “No, it’s not made for kids” and click next.



7. On the next 2 screens, just click “Next”.


8. On the Visibility screen, click on “Save or Publish” and choose either:

  • If the video has client material, such as a power hour, label it as INTERNAL and do not share it with the public by clicking on              “Unlisted”


  • If the video is intended to be viewed in Public and gather views, then click on “Public”.


9. Click on Save. Find the video you just uploaded and click on the 3 Dots to get the shareable link. 



10. Go to the  Video Edit Queue Sheet (USE THIS ONE) and update the Youtube Column by pasting the link and you are done.



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