Interactive Video: The Future of Marketing

Did you know that you can make your website videos interactive by just 1 tool?

Do you have any idea why most landing pages are terrible? Because you have this video, everyone gets exactly the same experience. But people have different questions, they have different needs, and they have different perspectives. 

So instead of making your client go through everything in your website, try to figure out what's going on and give them just what they want to know.

By the end of this Course, you will have in-depth  knowledge about Interactive Videos including: 

    • Mapping out your customer's journey

    • Integrating other elements important to your brand to your Interactive Video

    • Enriching your brand by the power of these Interactive Video

      • Identifying what kind of content you need to make

      • Sequencing your contents for maximum power

      • Identifying where to deploy your Interactive Videos

      And much, much more ...

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