Dennis Yu and Danny Barrera: Let us Fix Your Website for Better SEO

Let’s Fix Your Website is a monthly webinar series hosted by the San Francisco Small Business Development Center and San Francisco Public Library. It is a live audit workshop where business owners can get the opportunity to have their websites audited by Dennis. In this episode, Dennis was joined by his good friend, Danny Barrera, founder of Concrete Marketing Crew, to share his expertise. 

Danny Barrera, the Force Behind Concrete Marketing Crew

Danny is a powerhouse in web development, traffic generation, and SEO, with an agency boasting over a hundred clients and 28 employees. He is an expert marketer, having spent 14 years in the digital marketing space. Dennis and Danny audited eight websites and shared insights to help the owners get more traffic. Let us learn from their combined knowledge and experience by absorbing what they shared.

Danny Barrera

Let’s Fix Your Website: Cossi Family Coaching

Debbie’s coaching website, Cossi Family Coaching, is relatively new. She built it using Wix and made efforts to optimize it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by adding keywords and phrases to each page’s SEO settings. However, her initial SEO efforts didn’t yield the results she hoped for.

Dennis goes first and explains that it’s normal for a new site not to rank on Google’s first page immediately. He suggests considering WordPress, a popular and free content management system that powers about 30% of websites on the internet. While Debbie initially used Wix, she can explore migrating to WordPress for better results.

Understanding the Website’s Purpose

To provide valuable guidance, Danny asks Debbie about the website’s objective. Debbie explains that her website aims to attract parents seeking help with various family issues, from bedtime struggles to more significant challenges. Her ideal clients are parents with young children and teenagers.

Messaging Matters

Danny emphasizes the importance of clear messaging on the website. He suggests that the headline or banner text should address the primary problem parents are trying to solve. This immediate connection helps visitors understand that they’re in the right place. For Debbie, this might mean emphasizing her expertise in family coaching for common parenting challenges.

Furthermore, Danny recommends adding a clear call to action (CTA) above the fold on the homepage. The CTA should guide visitors on the next steps, such as booking a call or filling out a contact form. This streamlined approach ensures that visitors don’t have to scroll extensively to find essential information.

The Power of Testimonials

Debbie had already incorporated testimonials into her website, but Dennis recommends short video testimonials that tell a compelling story instead of text-based testimonials. These videos can feature clients discussing their specific challenges, the solutions provided by the coaching program, and the positive results they achieved.

The goal is to create a personal connection between Debbie and potential clients. Seeing and hearing real people share their experiences can build trust and credibility.

Avoid Stock Art

Debbie’s website initially used stock images, but Dennis and Danny advised against it. They encourage using images or videos of Debbie herself to foster a stronger connection with visitors. Personalization is key when it comes to coaching services.

Taking Action and Learning

To improve her website’s performance and strategy, Debbie is advised to simplify her homepage, focusing on clear messaging, a compelling CTA, and adding video testimonials. Additionally, she’s encouraged to explore the Dollar a Day Coaching Program to boost her website’s visibility and reach.

Let’s Fix Your Website: Ray’s Pickled Eggs

Scott started his pickle egg venture the year before, offering a unique product that has garnered attention, primarily from women and mothers. While he’s currently focused on the San Francisco market through pop-ups, farmers’ market events, and local deliveries, Scott is keen on improving his website’s SEO without expanding beyond his current geographical scope.

SEO Insights for Local Businesses

To enhance Scott’s local SEO, Danny recommends using tools like the Google Keyword Planner to identify relevant keywords that potential customers in San Francisco are searching for. It’s crucial to optimize both on-page (website content) and off-page (backlinks and mentions) SEO. Additionally, considering various search queries related to pickled eggs, like “spicy pickled eggs” or “pickled eggs near me,” can attract more organic traffic.

Website Optimization

According to Danny, Scott’s website needs some structural improvements. It’s essential to clarify the business’ value proposition to inform visitors that it offers the “best pickle eggs in San Francisco.” The homepage should prominently feature product images and videos with a clear call to action, such as “Order Now” or “Call Us to Schedule Your Pickup.”

Leveraging Social Media

Then Dennis adds that Scott’s Instagram account can be a powerful tool. He should showcase videos of pickled eggs being used in various ways, especially in cocktails, brunches, or by well-known individuals. Targeted advertising on social media platforms can help reach his local audience effectively.

Building Partnerships

While Scott had partnerships with bars before the pandemic, he should consider rebuilding those relationships and featuring them on his website. Videos and testimonials from these bars and restaurants can add credibility and help potential customers see the product in action.

Subscription Models

Dennis advises Scott to consider introducing a subscription plan or bundling options for his pickled eggs to increase customer lifetime value. This approach can encourage repeat purchases and boost revenue.


Collaborating with other businesses that cater to a similar audience can be mutually beneficial. By co-marketing with partners who sell related products or services, Scott can tap into their customer base and boost his brand visibility.

Let’s Fix Your Website: Euphora

Alex, the co-founder of Euphora, a company specializing in CBD formulas for pain relief, was seeking advice on how to market her products effectively. She highlighted a significant challenge in her industry: strict regulations that prevent her from using the term “pain relief” in her marketing efforts. This limitation makes it difficult to communicate the benefits of Euphora’s products.

Capturing Customer Stories

Dennis suggested focusing on storytelling and customer testimonials to work around these regulatory constraints. By highlighting the personal experiences and benefits that users have derived from Euphora’s products, the company can convey its product’s effectiveness without making explicit claims.

One key recommendation was to interview satisfied customers via Zoom to gather specific stories and words they use to describe their experiences with Euphora’s products. Authentic testimonials are effective in marketing materials to connect with potential customers.

Referral Marketing

One effective strategy recommended by Dennis was to implement a referral program. By encouraging satisfied customers to refer friends and offering incentives like discounts, Euphora can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Leveraging Email Marketing

They also suggested email newsletters as a valuable tool for Euphora. Danny advised using giveaways and promotions to engage subscribers. Additionally, sharing tips related to pain relief, sleep, and stress can provide added value to subscribers.

Local Focus Before Expansion

Euphora’s success has been most pronounced at pop-up markets and festivals, where customers can sample products and engage in face-to-face conversations. Danny advised Alex to build a local customer base before expanding to broader markets.

Let’s Fix Your Website: Beauty of Try

Sajana kicks off the conversation by introducing the “Beauty of Try.” She emphasizes the importance of allowing potential clients to experience skincare products before committing to a purchase. She wants to provide samples of these products while offering personalized consultations based on individual skin types and needs. She gets valuable advice not only for her website but for her unique business model as well.

The Power of Advertising

Dennis suggests running lead ads on platforms like Facebook and TikTok, where users can fill out their information while staying within the app. This approach ensures maximum visibility and engagement.

The Importance of Visibility

Sajana’s main challenge is getting the word out about her unique skincare model. Dennis stresses the importance of advertising to overcome this hurdle. He recommends running Dollar a Day ads in places like Facebook and TikTok, starting with a budget of $10 to $20 to test the waters and gauge interest.

Building Personal Connections

The heart of Sajana’s success lies in her ability to connect with clients on a personal level. Her expertise and passion shine through, making her a trusted beauty consultant. Clients are more likely to gravitate toward her because they can sense her genuine care and commitment.

Let’s Fix Your Website: A Gentle Rest

Dr. Ari is a veterinarian who runs A Gentle Rest, an in-home pet euthanasia business. Their service stands out because they offer mobile or in-home pet euthanasia instead of traditional clinic-based services. This personal touch creates a more calming and intimate experience for pet owners and their beloved animals. Many people don’t know that this type of service is available. He wants to raise awareness about it through his website.

The Role of WordPress

While discussing website improvements, Dennis recommends considering WordPress for a more robust site structure, especially if Dr. Ari plans to create more content. It can contribute to better SEO and user experience.

Standing Out in the Market

Dennis notes that Dr. Ari’s main competitor in San Francisco is Golden Gate. He suggests emphasizing a calming and personal approach in Dr. Ari’s marketing efforts, differentiating the service from the clinical experience provided by competitors.

Leveraging Visual Content

Dennis recommends using videos and images on the website to provide a sense of the service’s atmosphere. Visual content can help potential clients connect with Dr. Ari’s approach and create a calming impression.

Making Informed Marketing Decisions

Dr. Ari’s website ranks on several keywords related to the service, which indicates potential search volume. Danny suggests exploring Google Ads to drive more clients, provided the budget and targeting are optimized.

Enhancing Online Presence

Danny highlights the importance of improving online presence through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads. He suggests creating a dedicated landing page for lead generation and collecting reviews on Google Business Profile. Danny underscores the importance of showcasing client reviews as they validate the quality of the service.

Crafting Informative Videos

Dennis advises creating informative videos that walk through the entire pet euthanasia process, answering common questions and providing a behind-the-scenes look to engage potential clients. Dr. Ari can have the videos edited professionally on platforms like Fiverr.

Let’s Fix Your Website: Who’z Nxt

Jackie, the founder of a brand new business consulting startup, also sought advice from Dennis and Danny to improve her website.

Show Your Personality Through Images

One piece of advice Dennis offered Jackie was to make her website more personal. Many IT service websites resort to generic stock images that don’t connect with visitors. Instead, Dennis suggested featuring real photos of Jackie and her team members engaged in activities they’re passionate about. This personal touch helps visitors relate to the people behind the business.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In a competitive industry like staffing and recruiting, it’s crucial to stand out. Dennis emphasized the importance of communicating Jackie’s adventure-themed approach to business. By incorporating their love for adventure and the outdoors into their branding, they can differentiate themselves from competitors. This unique selling proposition should be prominent on the website to grab visitors’ attention.

Share Expertise and Process

Dennis encouraged Jackie to share her expertise and the company’s process on the website. Clients hiring tech talent want to know they’ll get a quality hire. By showcasing their knowledge and approach, they build trust with potential clients. Highlighting the expertise and processes on the website can help them secure more clients.

Optimize Job Listings

Jackie’s website displayed job listings in different categories. For Danny, instead of embedding job listings from an external source, he recommended creating individual pages for each job category. This approach can improve search engine rankings for specific keywords related to those job categories.

Showcase Community Involvement

Jackie’s company recently started a foundation to give back to the community. Dennis recommended featuring this initiative on the website. While it may not be the primary reason people choose their services, it’s a compelling factor that can enhance the company’s reputation and mission.

Leverage LinkedIn for Networking

Dennis stressed the importance of using LinkedIn as a primary networking tool for the tech industry. He advised that building personal profiles and sharing valuable content on LinkedIn can be more effective than keyword stuffing on the website. LinkedIn can serve as a gateway to the website, allowing potential clients and talent to learn more about the team.

Let’s Fix Your Website: Gilded Feather Studio

Hardwick designs and creates handcrafted jewelry and sells them through her site, Gilded Feather Studio. She asked Dennis and Danny for expert advice on ways to improve her website.

Craft a Compelling Origin Story

One of the first insights Dennis offers is the importance of sharing the story behind her jewelry. He highlights that people are not just buying a product. They are investing in your narrative. Whether it’s the inspiration behind a particular design or a memorable experience related to her creations, these stories can captivate her audience and make her jewelry more appealing.

Peek Behind the Scenes

One of the most intriguing suggestions from Danny is to reveal the behind-the-scenes process of creating your jewelry. This transparency adds value to her products by allowing customers to witness the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each piece. It humanizes her brand and establishes a connection with her audience.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Creators

Dennis introduces an innovative strategy—utilizing social media influencers and creators to showcase her jewelry. Rather than paying for traditional endorsements, seek individuals who genuinely appreciate her work and share her target audience. Their authenticity can be a powerful selling point when they post about their products.

Building a Community of Fervent Fans

Dennis emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to her customer base. Instead of aiming for mass recognition, focus on cultivating a community of passionate supporters who genuinely believe in her brand. These individuals can become her most dedicated advocates.

Inspiration from Small Business Success Stories

To illustrate the effectiveness of these strategies, Danny shares the story of a successful handbag manufacturer, Rad Rev, which started from humble beginnings. This small business leveraged creativity, transparency, and social media to scale. This example underscores that remarkable achievements are attainable with dedication and strategic use of storytelling and online platforms.

Let’s Fix Your Website: Erin D Carney: Abstract Oil Paintings

Here, Dennis and Danny advise Erin about her brand-new artist website. They discuss various aspects of the website and how to make it more user-friendly and appealing to potential buyers.

Share the Stories Behind Your Art

One of the first pieces of advice Dennis gives Erin is to share the stories behind each of her art pieces. Dennis emphasizes that it’s not just about showcasing the art but also about letting visitors connect with the artist’s journey. When selling original paintings, people are often drawn to the narrative behind the artwork. Erin should consider adding detailed descriptions and personal insights about each piece to engage her audience.

Improve Navigation and User Experience

Dennis raises a crucial issue regarding the website’s navigation. He suggests that the tabs at the top of the page, labeled “Portfolio 1” and “Portfolio 2,” lack clarity and fail to provide visitors with an apparent point of interest. To enhance user experience, Erin might consider reorganizing her homepage with a thumbnail gallery that allows visitors to select the painting they want to explore further. This approach makes it more user-friendly and engaging.

Create Informative Videos

Dennis and Danny recommend creating short one-minute videos for some key art pieces. These videos would provide Erin with an opportunity to discuss her inspiration, creative process, and the story behind each painting. By adding a personal touch through video, she can make her art more relatable and connect with potential buyers on a deeper level.

Categorize Your Art into Collections

To make the website more e-commerce-friendly, Danny suggests renaming the “Portfolio” section to “Collections.” This change not only makes the website more user-friendly but also conveys the idea that visitors can purchase artwork from these collections. Additionally, Erin can highlight specific pieces or collections that have been featured in galleries or prestigious homes to boost her credibility.

Showcase the Environment

Incorporating images of her art pieces in actual home environments can be a powerful selling point. Erin can take photos that show her art within the context of beautifully designed homes. It allows potential buyers to visualize how the artwork might fit into their living spaces, adding an extra layer of appeal to her art.

Share Personal Stories and Testimonials

Dennis also encourages Erin to ask her friends who own her artwork to share their personal stories and experiences with the art. The testimonials can be added to the website to provide potential buyers with insights into the emotional and personal connections people have with her art.

It is a rare opportunity to see digital marketing experts giving free advice like this. Thankfully, there are people like Dennis Yu and Danny Barrera who sincerely want to help entrepreneurs achieve success. Thank you, Danny, for your generosity and support. Together, you and Dennis make a powerful tag team.

Dennis Yu

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