Mastering Digital Plumbing


Digital plumbing encompasses not only tracking on a website but also all data across all channels, including emails, custom audiences, URL parameters, and more.

Tracking enables remarketing to website visitors. By analyzing which website visitors are buyers, businesses can build custom audiences and run warm traffic through the 6 Phase Social Amplification engine to convert. The plumbing setup uses a central tool called Google Tag Manager (GTM), which is platform-independent and works with Facebook and other pixels or tags. Tag management is a critical component of every company's or website's online marketing.

Digital Plumbing Checklist


❏ (S1) Create your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account.
❏ (S1) Publish your GTM container and tags to the website.
❏ (S1) Create your Facebook Ads account using ”Business Manager ”
❏ Create your Google Ads account and link it to GTM (Google Tag Manager).
❏ (S1) Create your Google Analytics account.
❏ (S2) Set up Facebook Pixels and Standard Events with GTM.
❏ (S2) Set up Google Remarketing Pixels using GTM.
❏ (S1) Verify everything is set up correctly.
❏ (S2) Set up Google Analytics with GTM.
❏ Set up primary vs secondary revenue tracking with TicketMaster or another ticketing platform.