Onboarding Process Checklist

In my opinion, “Mistakes cost you money, reputation, and sanity.” In order to gain more freedom, you need systems and processes. For personal efficiency, you can learn my process of “Do, Delegate, and Delete.” Once you master the process you will better understand all other processes in our system.

The Virtual Assistant Onboarding Process Checklist will ensure that you have a phenomenal virtual assistant for your business. In this blog post, we will demonstrate how we execute the Onboarding Process Checklist for VAs.

Onboarding Process
Onboarding Process Checklist
  • Inform the Financial Specialist or an authorized VA that we hired a new Specialist/VA so they can send Non-Disclosure and Independent Contractor Agreements.
    • Provide Job Title of the New Hire.
    • Provide Rate of Pay of New Hire
  • Team lead extends a welcome.
  • Create a Google Suite BlitzMetrics Account. Manually add a new hire’s account to our Team Drive to ensure.
  • Create a Basecamp Account. Give initial access to selected projects only. Manually add new people to projects, instead of giving them all projects and having to subtract.
  • Create a TimeCamp Account.
  • Grant them Manager Access to YouTube.
  • Create a Facebook Business Manager Account as an Employee.
  • Email the Onboarding Asset Links to the new hire.
  • Request them to log in to our Academy and grant them access to ALL courses.
  • Add to various Infusionsoft campaigns.
    • Daily Status Update.
    • Weekly Team Lead Report.
    • Quarterly Goals Setting.
    • 1099 contractor only: Invoice Reminder

Optional Steps while Onboarding VA:

  • Create an Infusionsoft Account (ONLY when someone instructs and they have passed the Infusionsoft basics Course in the BlitzMetrics Academy.
  • Give them login details to Brand24.
  • Give them login details to Quuu!
  • Give them a Boomerang! Pro Account.
  • Give them an Adobe Account (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator).
  • BlitzNation FB Group (Requires Level 2+ for VAs).
  • BlitzMetrics Academy Members FB Group.
  • BlitzMetrics VIP Members FB Group.

Note: While Onboarding VA, don’t use “Junior” in Job Titles because it doesn’t look good when interacting with customers.