Optimization Checklist

“I tried it and it didn’t work” is one of the most bone-headed things we hear from clients and wannabe marketers — one shot and they’re done.
In digital marketing, there is no penalty for taking many shots on goal. We learn quickly and iterate constantly. We expect failure 90% of the time. Make another ad, try another subject line, choose another set of keywords, adjust your budget, tweak the landing page, and so forth. Via many cycles of experimentation, we’ll certainly find some winners.
These checklists will help you efficiently go through this testing cycle via a framework called #MAA (Metrics > Analysis > Action) in conjunction with #CID (Communicate > Iterate Delegate).

Optimization Checklist
❏ Apply Metrics Decomposition and further elaborate on the explanations you have provided above.
❏ Slice the data in different ways and explain what it means.
❏ Compare all the metrics you have listed in this period against the last period.
❏ Using Audience Insights, create new saved audiences based on interests that are converting.
❏ Review budget allocation by channel and ad set based on performance (watch out for statistical noise).
❏ Increase the relevance of your targets by adding positive and negative audiences.
❏ Based on the analysis above, list 3 to 5 top recommendations that you can immediately execute in the next 7 days.
❏ Apply Balancing Metrics and make sure you have meaningful metric pairs.
❏ Apply Top N to the data set and explain the results in terms of Goals, Content, and Targeting for each level.
❏ Refine lookalike audiences.