Use SEMRush’s Domain Overview and Google to Understand a Site’s Goals, Content, and Targeting


Concept: Goals, Content, and Targeting (GCT) is a simple way to understand business planning and execution. Every business has an intended outcome from their actions (goals). They produce messages like advertising and customer communications to reach those goals (content). They also create this content with these goals to compel action in a target audience (targeting).

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Strategy: By keeping GCT in mind when doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization), we can ensure we’re making decisions to prioritize those things that will support business growth and profitability. We use the Domain Overview in SEM Rush and Google to help give a snapshot of the site and business to understand not only what kind of GCT the site has, but also how well the site has executed each of these.

The trigger: With SEO, you first need to understand a site before finding problems and offering solutions. Figure out GCT when first researching a site to start understanding where the site is at currently and how you might help it improve.

Take action

Business Task — Use SEMRush’s Domain Overview and Google to Understand a Site’s Goals, Content, and Targeting:

Time: 3-5 minutes


  1. Log into SEMRush and find the Domain Overview section in the top left-hand corner
  2. Put your client’s site into the domain overview search box. Notice you can choose to get an analysis for the site worldwide or pick a region that is most appropriate. 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the overview section of Domain Overview. The User Manual in the top-right-hand corner does a good job of explaining each metric.
  4. Search for the site you’re analyzing on Google.
  5. Get a general overview of the website. Filter this through goals, content, and targeting. What is the intent of the site? What kind of content already exists? Who is the target audience? Knowing this information can help us make better decisions about how to move the site forward on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Show your work

Consider the site and business you’re researching and list out their goals, content, and targeting as gleaned from SEMRush and Google.

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