Six Roles for Virtual Assistants

With our VA Hiring Process, you’ll learn the six (6) different types of virtual assistants: operations/general VAs to engineering VAs; along with the six (6) stages in hiring a virtual assistant. This includes our templates and recommended tasks you’ll send over for your virtual assistant to complete.

Are you ready to hire your very own virtual team and scale your business?


1. Video Editor

  • Takes raw videos and uploads to YouTube library and Content Library.
  • Chops them up, edits them, and adds captions and effects.
  • Uploads to Facebook as drafts.
  • Boosts and tunes ads based on performance.

2. Operations Specialist

  • Onboards new clients and specialists.
  • Handles packages and billing via Infusionsoft.
  • Follows up on dropped items.
  • Schedules meetings, including reminders.
  • Updates Operations Process..

3. Content Specialist

  • Transcribes audio.
  • Manages Quuu submissions.
  • Lightweight editing and coordination-- listicles, interviews, webinar summaries, Topic Wheels.
  • Gathers content to assemble Topic Wheels and other components of the client and internal Content Libraries.

4. Designer

  • Maintains guide iterations, working with full-time employees.
  • Updates master asset tracker and list of Infusionsoft landing pages.
  • Creates client-specific versions, including infographics.

5. Partner Manager

  • Lightweight responses on Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Helps users with basic questions, sending them to relevant articles, videos, and courses.
  • Manages connection requests on Facebook.
  • Answers the phone during core hours-- phone number on site, Facebook Messenger leads.

6. Digital Plumbing

  • Implements plumbing on new client websites.
  • Manages IF/THEN triggers in the Logic Builder.
  • Configures new websites for clients and specialists (WPMU and integration).
  • Updates database schema documentation and engineering roadmap.
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