The Asset Tracker

What is it?

We have this Google Sheet, called the Asset Tracker, which is the main repository for all digital assets of the company. Here, you will find dedicated tabs for our checklists, guides, courses, packages, web pages, important documents, the sitemap, and many more. It is the result of many years of constant iteration and updating.

It is our single source of truth.

If you're new to the company and you're having trouble finding something, this should be the first place you should check. Whatever it is, it should be listed here under the appropriate category (tab), updated to the latest version.

With all the various assets that we maintain, it should be a mess, but it's not. We have managed to document everything in this spreadsheet, updating it as we make iterations or add new stuff. It is very organized and useful.

Who has access to it?

The Asset Tracker is an internal document, so only internal teams have access to it.

How to get access

If you're a new team member, getting access to it should be part of your onboarding. However, if you've been onboarded already but still don't have access to it, you can send an email to either or

If you're not part of the internal team, don't attempt to request it because it will not be entertained.

But, I'm new. Can I just ask someone since it's much faster?

It's so easy to default to that reasoning that you're new, but, if you've done your homework first, like read the level 1 guide, you'll be equipped with enough information to find stuff on your own. If you've already read the guide but still can't find what you're looking for, you didn't pay attention to what you read. Read it again, off-timer of course.

Sure, it's so much easier to bother someone to get what you need, but think about the cost of pulling someone away from important work. This is called context-switching, and it's detrimental to a person's productivity and focus. The article below provides a better explanation on context-switching.

What is context switching, and how does it impact your work?