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4 Stages Of The Content Factory


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What You Will Learn In This Book


There Are 8 Core Video Modules Of TikTok Ads Book!

Module 1: Intro

  • TikTok For Real Business Owners
  • TikTok Strategy
  • TikTok Influencers
  • TikTok_Biggest Misconceptions

Module 2: Digital Plumbing

  • Create A TikTok Business Center
  • TikTok Business Center Intro
  • TikTok Pixel Installing Using GTM
  • TikTok Conversion Tracking

Module 3: Goals

  • Elliot Padfield Interview
  • Goals Document
  • TikTok Optimization Objectives Overview

Module 4: Content

  • Coachyu_15 seconds_video_guide
  • Noah Brierley On TikTok Success_Medium
  • One_min_video_Course

Module 5: Targetin

  • Mechanics Of TikTok Targeting
  • TikTok With Perry Marshall

Module 6: Digital Plumbing

  • Case Study-Felipe Mate, Stacked Marketer
  • Felipe Mate-Stacked Marketer Recording
  • TikTok Boosting-Used Authorized Post
  • TikTok Ads For Ecommerce Interview

Module 7: Optimization

  • Agency Talk Spark Ad Quick Optimization
  • Case Study Assets
  • Case Study: The Paperless Agent
  • TikTok Optimization Tools Overview

Module 8: Conclusion

  • TikTok Ads Conclusion

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8 Q&A sessions are live recorded, and a Facebook group for support.