Are you one of the people who want to do great video content but are not sure how to begin?

In this episode we have invited Ryan Magin who does videos for Alex Hermozi and who is getting millions of views a month with his own content, building his own brand. 

By the end of the course, you will have in-depth knowledge that will help you:

    • Get a good overview of your site and it's goals, content, and targeting

    • Optimize your site with a strong focus on profitability and bottom lines.

    • Conduct a proper site audit and improve a site's content and usability

    • Research keywords for money and high priority pages

      • Find out where your traffic is coming from and how you can improve rank

      • Find and fix thousands of errors on your site inexpensively and without a lot of effort

      • Avoid the negative effects of bad SEO

      • Build up your site's authority and gain backlinks

      And much, much more ...

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      How do you improve your SEO and use it to grow your business?

      Let a master marketer, businessman, and analytics designer show you how! 

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      Dennis Yu built the internal Analytics at Yahoo! and has been teaching business and digital marketing for over 13 years.

      He is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken countless times in 17 countries, spanning five continents including keynote events at L2E, PubCon, Digital Agency Expo, Marketo Summit, and B2C Growth & Innovation Virtual Summit.

      With SEO 101, Dennis combines his love for data, business, and marketing to teach business owners like you how to make your SEO campaigns profitable and authority-driven in order to help your business win in search.

      Using SEMRush, one of the most powerful SEO software in existence today, Dennis walks students through how to move your business forward, taking the content you already have on your site and doing SEO research and analysis so that it reaches more of your model customers. 



      More SEO courses need to teach how to get real business results.

      Too many SEO courses teach SEO strategies like keyword research, ranking, and site optimization but fail to tie those elements back to what matters for business. What is exceptional about this course is the focus on how to use SEO to hone in on keywords that actually matter. Topical authority is important, but when we focus on what is working in search for our business and double down on those actions, then the better our SEO efforts will become. 


      Right Now is the best time for businesses to learn SEO. Online marketing has exploded in the last few years because of all the shake-ups in the economy. Search is the new marketplace and it's up to businesses to learn this new medium of business in order to compete and win. 

      SEO 101 brings together methodology and practice to help you immediately start optimizing your business for search.

      30+ Video Lessons

      40+ Checklists and
      hands-on exercises

      Quiz questions and a
      34-page guide

       Optimize your site for search engine profits through 4 main objectives:

      Objective #1:  Understand how business goals effect search goals (8 videos)

      You'll use domain overview in SEMRush to understand your site's goals, content, and targeting. You'll analyze your competitors to understand what their positioning can tell you about your own site. You'll look at possible keywords you want to pursue and understand where your traffic is coming from so you can maximize the potential of that traffic.

      You'll also get to understand the search engine results pages more, what search intent means, and how to take advantage of these characteristics of the search and its results to get more wins.

      Objective #2: Audit Your Site for Technical Errors and Fix them Fast.  (8 videos)

      Winning at search takes both building topical authority and making technical improvements to your site. In this objective, You'll learn to how to conduct an SEO audit and how to strategically prioritize the errors and warnings it reveals for your business. You'll familiarize yourself with the different pages of the site audit and learn how to seamlessly pull notifications and reports to make the site audit an ongoing part of your business's workflow.

      Objective #3: Research and track keywords right for your business objectives (8 videos)

      Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of proper SEO planning and execution. Topical authority is built one keyword at a time and so it's important to research them properly to understand how you can compete against others in your business niche. You'll learn how to make sense of the SEO dashboard in SEMRush and choose the right keywords dependent on a variety of factors including your business goals and your competition. You'll also learn how to use optimization ideas and how to setup keywords in an SEMRush project dashboard.

      Objective #4: Master authority score and backlinks (13 videos)

      Besides technical optimizations and topical optimizations (through keyword research) on your site, the third most important factor for good SEO is authority building. In the same way that business networking is important for business growth and development, so creating links and relationships with sites in your niche is important to help develop site authority that translates into higher rankings on the search engine results pages. In this objective, you'll learn what it means to have authority online. You'll understand how to get links and what kind of links you want to get. You'll learn how to build a natural backlink profile, how to avoid bad SEO practices, and how authority helps with rank.

      The Benefits of SEO for Your Business?

      If you're going to do business online and you want to reach long-term success, then SEO is vital to maintaining ongoing traffic to your site.

      Ranking for key search terms in your niche gives your business a profit advantage and helps build authority on your site. According to research, when you factor out direct traffic to a site, the majority share of commerce traffic generation comes from organic search results.

      Here is why SEO matters:

      1. 95% of traffic goes to first page search results: So if you're not on the first page of Google for many or all of your money words than you're losing out on a lot of traffic that could convert to your offer.

      2. Competing for search terms allows you to attract potential buyers at all stages of the funnel: Whereas paid ads typically hit customers at the end of their buying journey, search results can aim for informational posts for those who are unaware of solutions to their problem or people who are comparing different solutions. Ranking for these search terms in the long run can maximize efforts at all stages and give your brand more exposure and authority as a result.

      3. Organic search is within the reach of all businesses: While ad costs continue to go up, search remains one of the platforms online that all businesses no matter what their size can remain competitive. Organic search prioritizes the best the internet has to offer on any particular subject--content that is expert, authoritative, and trustworthy.

      The Who's, the What's, and the Why's:

      WHO: If you're a business owner or an agency owner who want to master the fundamentals of SEO, you should take this course. Dennis's SEO instruction is both practical and on-point, and is designed to help you know SEO that gets business results. 

      WHAT: SEO 101 teaches the fundamentals of SEO using SEMRush, one of the best pieces of search engine marketing software in the industry today. Using Blitzmetrics methodology of learn, do, teach, SEO 101 not only teaches SEO fundamentals but it also helps you apply these fundamentals right out of the gate while working on your own site. 

      WHERE: You can take this course anywhere and can use it as reference at home, in the office, or even on vacation.  No matter where you are this course and its supplementary guide will act as an important resource for you to master the fundamentals of SEO. 

      WHEN: Now is the time to take this course. Whether you are a seasoned online business or one that is just getting started online, SEO 101 will get you up to speed on how your business can get ahead of the competition through strategically positioning yourself on search. 

      WHY: There is no better time for your business to thrive online, and this is the SEO course to help you do it. 

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      Think of this course as if you're buying stock in a valuable company, something you just know is going to skyrocket in revenue in the coming years.

      SEO incorporates some  of the most important strategies and tactics businesses can benefit from online. Don't miss another day of not using this skill to optimize your business site simply because you don't think you have the time or  mastering SEO in the past has been a frustration.

      This course makes SEO easy for you to make the time, and apply the knowledge you learn:

      • Learn at your leisure from any location
      • Practice and reinforce what you learn right away through extensive exercises
      • Start working on your own site immediately and start seeing results