Video Editor: Make Tiktoks From My Cell Phone Videos

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I’ve made hundreds of videos on my cell phone, all stored to Google Photos, promoting our various courses– dollar a day, one minute video, start your digital agency, digital plumbing, hire your first VA, and so forth.

Many of these videos feature friends of mine who are also helping me promote these courses– as we hang out in cool places around the planet.

Google Photos has tagged these people and their locations, so it’s easy to search.

We’re turning these into TikTok to put on my profile (dennisyu5) that we are then running TikTok lead ads and also boosting for engagement.

The best TikTok ads don’t look like ads– they follow a similar pattern (look in the Creative Center) to see how experts in different fields show their expertise.

Once we get my TikToks doing well, we’ll start rolling this out as a service to friends of mine who are real estate agents, chiropractors, mortgage brokers, and so forth.

You’re a good candidate if you know how to make TikToks that get engagement and/or can demonstrate you can learn quickly.

We also like to document what we do (screenshares and screenshots, step by step), so my hope is you want to create more jobs for our international friends to handle anything from the basics (loading stuff into Descript and repurposing into blog posts) to the more complex (podcast production and marketing).

You’ll see we’re already training up people to do related tasks in our “Content Factory” here:

This project is for helping me process my videos into TikToks– which means you know what the key components are in TikToks made by professional services (agents, consultants, doctors)– such as the thumbnail, music choice, and structure of the video (hook, body, CTA), and so forth. To show you’re paying attention and care about details, please use “sheepdog” in your subject line.

We will run many of these as Spark ads, too.

The posts that work on TikTok don’t look like ads, as you know. So whether we’re using Descript, Premiere Pro, or whatever– we want to honor the toned-down format we know works, which is stuff that is mobile native and doesn’t look like an ad.

That’s why I’ve made so many on my phone– by myself and also with so many figureheads.

Descript does let us edit video as simple as editing words, plus cleans up sound instantly (better than Audition in many ways).

So what I care about is a video editor who understands what we’re trying to do and can drive results, as opposed to having particular technical skills in a particular tool.

I’m looking for someone who moves fast and can figure things out but is still a solid team player who can keep growing with us.   I’m a big fan of basecamp for project management– to be asynchronous instead of synchronous.

I currently have the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media— our TikTok ads book (my name is Dennis Yu).  So we want to put more examples in there.

Show me what you have!

If you don’t have examples of making TikTok videos to share, DO NOT apply.

But even if you haven’t yet, you could find videos of me online and make some snappy videos to apply.

No agencies, please– only individuals who have thoughtful replies.

All canned messages get ignored.

You will be asked to answer the below question when submitting your application:

Describe your recent experience with similar projects