Access Checklist

Your first step to success.

Do you know the difference between a successful online company from one that isn't? It's preparation. Before you start making amazing content to target your audience, you'll need to have the necessary preparation in place to track conversions, analyze campaigns and remarket your content to your existing customers.

Our Access Guide lays the foundation in our partnership. It will show you how to give us access to relevant accounts that will allow us to evaluate your performance cross-channel. Some of these you'll have, some you may need to create, and others we’ll set up for you.

Once we get the necessary access, we'll then be able to bridge your amazing content with the right audience while also being able to analyze each campaign in-depth to drive future campaigns and maximize success.

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Once complete, we should have access to...

    • Google Tag Manager

    • Google Ads

    • Google Analytics

    • Facebook Page(s)

    • Facebook Ad Account(s)

    • Instagram

    • Twitters

    • Quora

    • LinkedIn

  • SnapChat