Checklist for Content Marketing


People talk about content marketing and how you need “great content”. But how, exactly, does one create “great content”, especially with limited resources, and often in competitive and unsexy industries? What works for a professional sports team, car dealership, or celebrity might not work for you, any more likely that their clothes would fit you or that you'd heal from taking the same medication someone else has.

Outsourcing “content marketing” to a third party is just as bad, since they don't know your business or strategy, or your unique combination of goals, content, and targeting. Nothing is as authentic as the voice of a happy customer. That’s the solution to your content marketing: to collect and amplify this voice at scale. The sum of the stories being told by your customers, staff, and partners is your main course. And this course gives you a step-by-step process to harness the power that you already have.

Content Marketing One-Pager

❏ Assemble a list of third-party endorsements, especially positive mentions from high-authority sites.
❏ (S1) Create video content starting with a 3-minute “WHY” video (
 Create a content calendar for your social media platform.
❏ Create promotional content to drive conversions.
❏ (S1) Create at least 1 blog post a month.
❏ Create personas for the top 3 customer segments you serve; these personas will drive targeting.
❏ Highlight at least 1 key objection for each persona (for either your product or industry).
❏ Gather suitable content for each stage of the #ACC funnel, addressing every key objection or each persona.