Digital Plumbing Role

Are you good with data analytics? This role might be for you!


What will I do as a Digital Plumbing Specialist?

As a Digital Plumbing Specialist, your job is to track data on clients' websites and across all their digital channels using pixels, emails, custom audiences of all sorts, URL parameters, etc.

Tracking allows for remarketing to website visitors. Analyze which website visitors are buyers, build custom audiences, and run warm traffic through our 6-phase Social Amplification Engine to convert.

Digital Plumbing uses a tool called Google Tag Manager (GTM) for its core function. Although it’s from Google, it’s platform-independent and works with Facebook and other pixels (or tags). Tag management is a fundamental piece of every company’s online marketing.

GTM makes it easy to track data on a website, Facebook, Google Analytics, Yahoo, etc. It uses one container (= source code) on a website, which ten loads tags (=other code) based on triggers we define.

By setting up and installing GTM, we set the stage to create powerful marketing campaigns inside of Facebook and Google Ads. It speeds up the process of building marketing campaigns and reduces costs by eliminating the need to hire a developer to modify site code.

Digital Plumbing also includes their email list, social audiences, app audiences, and any other data that they have that we can tie together. We can push audiences between different channels to increase conversion rates.


Meet Florijan, our PPC Specialist from Kosovo

Florijan is a Digital Plumbing expert. He was able to demonstrate his expertise right from the start. He takes care of clients, making sure that their plumbing is in place. He is a rare breed in the digital marketing space.

You can be just as good as Florijan if analytics is your passion.

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