Operations Specialist Role

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What will I do as an Operations Specialist?

Operations play a critical role in any business since it handles the successful delivery of products and services. Part of what you do is to make sure that we are able to deliver the services to our clients - this includes responding to client inquiries, providing support on client projects, and light project management in the course and guide production.

We work and support our onshore team to make sure that our clients get excellent service.

The biggest problem we face is a lack of reliability and competency.

It’s the same challenge every company faces, especially if they work with young adults since you’re having to overcome low reliability and low competency-- a deadly double that’s compounded by the “Lambos and mansion” mentality and Dunning-Kruger. 

These failures hurt us in many ways-- we lose the ongoing revenue we would have had and then we develop a bad (but deserved) reputation for ditching clients. 

Competency and reliability-- we need both.

The role of Operations is to ensure reliability, which doesn’t mean that specialists and team leads can just ignore clients or not need to respond. Operations should kick in only as necessary-- like an emergency brake. The CEO, Dennis, is the last line of defense, so if he has to chase things, then something has gone quite wrong in multiple phases beforehand.

Operations VA Progression

Level 1 is a community manager.
Level 2 is content manager.
Level 3 is a project manager.
Level 4 is an account manager.
Level 5 is a people manager.

All Operations VAs start at Level 1 as community managers. As they get better and start demonstrating competency at their current level, they will level up to take on a new role as shown above.


Meet Mary, our Operations Specialist

Mary has been with us for quite some time. She provides support to clients and VAs and keeps everything in order.

Being an Operations Specialist is not easy, but she is able to do her job well. She is a key asset in our company.

You can be just as good as Mary if you want to.

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