Digital Plumbing Checklist

Digital Plumbing Package


❏ (S1) Create your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account. 7

❏ (S1) Publish your GTM container and tags to the website. 32

❏ (S1) Create your Facebook Ads account using ”Business Manager” 4

❏ Create your Google Ads account and link to the GTM ( Google Tag Manager ). 12

❏ (S1) Create your Google Analytics account. 6

❏ (S2) Set up Facebook Pixels and Standard Events with GT M. 8

❏ (S2) Set up Google Remarketing Pixel using GTM. 11

❏ (S1) Verify everything is set up correctly. 13

❏ (S2) Set up Google Analytics with GTM. 10

❏ Set up primary vs secondary revenue tracking with TicketMaster or other ticketing platform.


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