Hiring Process Flow Chart

This hiring process flow chart is designed to help employers and VAs understand the Blitzmetrics hiring process. I believe that this will be beneficial for both employers and VAs in the long run.

Your VAs should have knowledge about your business, then they will be able to qualify to work with you. I have a group Digital Marketing With Dennis Yu, it’s got 28,000 members. I have posted many jobs in order to create million jobs. I believe this group is a great platform for any employer searching for VAs.

Hiring Process Flow Chart
Hiring Process Flow Chart

Step 1:

After they have completed the qualification task, have two interviews with the team lead, then if they pass, a final with the manager.

Step 2:

Offer a position to them, or send them a declined email. 

Offer position email.

Decline Email.

Step 3:

If they accept, send them the online certificate for passing the qualification phase and becoming a certified specialist.

Step 4:

The team lead should send a company note out making sure they include the following:

Send to all@yourcompany.com

A. Lead’s welcome note to his/her own words

B. New hire’s public figure page

C. New hire’s goals sheet

D. New hire’s Why Video

Step 5:

Operations team should fully onboard them following our onboarding checklist.

Step 6:

Team lead must have a call with the new hire to go over Level 1 Specialist rules, their new specialists path to leveling up and reaching their targets and to answer any question they may have.