How to Cross-post an Article or Blog Post on a Facebook Page, Profile, or Group

What this guide will teach you

This guide will teach you how to cross-post an article or blog post on a Facebook page, profile, or group. Cross-posting means posting content such as an article or blog post to more than one platform. Platform refers to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Let's get on with it!

Qualifying Checklist

To execute this task, you will need the following:

  • The link to the article or blog post.
  • The link to the Facebook page, profile, or group.
  • Publishing rights to the Facebook page, profile, or group (advertiser, moderator, editor, or admin role).
  • The content to post.

Step 1: Go to Facebook and log in

You should know where you're supposed to cross-post the article or blog post before diving in. As you can see below, there are 5 Facebook accounts that we maintain.

Once you've determined where you need to go, log in to Facebook using the login credentials given to you, and go to the main page of the Facebook account.


Step 2: Create a post

The process of creating a post on Facebook remains the same no matter which of the various account types (page, profile, or group) in Step 1 you're going to do the cross-posting on. So, to create a post, look for the "Create Post" button, and click on it.


Step 3: Copy, paste, and post

Copy the caption from the source, whether that's the text from an article or a blog post, then paste it into the box. Don't forget to include the link to the blog post so that the person can go to the source (the article or blog post itself). Adjust the spacing of the sentences and paragraphs if needed.

When you're satisfied with the post you created, click "Post."


Step 4: Obtain the link of the post

Obtain the URL of the post by clicking the date of the post and copying the URL in the address bar.


Step 5: Update your Content Library's Social tab

In your Content Library’s Social Content tab, fill in all columns below:

a. Date
b. Content
c. URL
d. Type
e. Social Platform: “Facebook”

you are posting on your behalf,update your own Content Library
you are posting on behalf of BlitzMetrics,update the BlitzMetrics Content Library
you are posting on behalf of a client,update the client’s content library.

That's it. Good job!

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Verification Checklist

The Facebook post must meet the following criteria:

#1. The correct Facebook account was used.

#2. The correct article or blog post was used as the source.

#3. The correct caption was pasted onto the post.

#4. The link to the article or blog post was added to the post as a source of reference.

#5. You were able to successfully post it.

#6. You have checked the post for errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and consistency.

#7. The required details were added to the Content Library.