Driving Sales for Agencies

Learn how to drive sales by creating videos that explain what you're offering, your process, and what clients can expect.


If you need to make money now, go through this training and make the accompanying videos, which I've demonstrated by example. If you're not urgently in need of new leads, wait while we polish this as a course in the Conquer Local Academy.

But for those who urgently need clients, you can begin selling basic services before earning your certification, completing exercises, and passing a difficult exam.

The beauty of a white-labeled platform like Vendasta is that you can have someone else do stuff you don't want to and mark up the cost.

When you learn how to sell a Snapshot Report, you can sell other packages, fully customizable as you see fit.

We've been working hard, building our fundamentals to be able to sell competently, ethically, and sustainably-- to build agencies that provide incredible results for our clients via long-term relationships and transparency.

Before you can dive into these 14 videos, you have to understand the context

How To Drive Sales (part 1)

The "How To Drive Sales" training is made of two parts. The first part explains the framework and how all of these things come together. It explains in-depth the important concepts including the Social Amplification Engine, how to sell packages, etc.

Part 2 is the 14 videos that I recorded to demonstrate how it should be done.

Watch Part 1 first to get a better understanding of what you will find here before going any further.

How To Drive Sales (part 2)

Now that you've gone through Part 1, you should have a better understanding of what we're teaching here. This section is the start of Part 2.


The XYZ Model

Use this script as your introduction.

Hi! I help [chiropractors] drive more visibility with their digital marketing and increase their sales through my [Digital Plumbing] package.

I'm [Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics], and I'm here to help you figure out what's not working and what is working so that you can adjust your digital marketing efforts. Instead of being frustrating and random shots in the dark, you can use data intelligently to drive more leads. I'm happy to be able to serve you.

The Benefits of Your Package

Use this script to explain how your Digital Plumbing package can help the client.

A lot of local service businesses, whether chiropractors, dentists, plumbers, lawyers, mechanics, or mortgage brokers, are struggling with digital marketing because they don't know what to do. They don't know what's working.

They've paid consultants lots of money and are frustrated because they don't know what they got months later and thousands of dollars later.

The [Digital Plumbing] package will help you figure out what's working vs. what's not, and we start by ensuring you have the right tracking in place.

Imagine if you knew what was working across your website and Google search results, your Facebook ads, and your Google Analytics. What if we tied all those together so you could see traffic and conversions across all of them?

We could put tracking in place so you could do remarketing so that for people who are on your website, you could follow them up with an ad.

For people who engage with you on Facebook, you could then show them the next message.

For people who watched one of your videos on Twitter, you could send them to the website so they can then contact you.

With the knowledge that you put out there on YouTube, they can learn more and be able to contact you or maybe even walk into your office.

Imagine if you had all that in place, which is our [Digital Plumbing] package. That's what we would like to help you with if you are a local service business.

Who’s It For?

Use this script to explain who this is for and who this is not for.

This package is for you if you're a [chiropractor] because we implement this package for [chiropractors] who are looking to drive more business, more leads, and more awareness within a five-mile radius of their own town.

This package is not for e-commerce, not for national businesses, not for startups, and not for B2B.

We are focusing this package on [chiropractors], and we want to make sure this is the best solution for [Digital Plumbing] and tracking for [chiropractors].

What Do We Do in the Checklist?

Use this script to show that your process follows a proven checklist, a systematized way of doing things.

Everything in the [Digital Plumbing] package is governed by a checklist because we are operating step by step. In the same way, if you're a cook and you have a recipe, we're following this exact recipe for chocolate chip cookies, so we know that we have consistent results.

You can see in our checklist that we have Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email audiences, Facebook Native Remarketing Audiences, and GTM parameters and events.

We're going to tie all of these things together so you can have a singular view of what's going on in your business's [Digital Plumbing], and because it's a checklist, it is about implementation and not about consultation.

The reason why this package is so affordably priced is because we're here to get it done, and you have me overseeing it to ensure these items are done correctly, so you don't have to worry about trying to figure it out yourself or whether it was done properly.


Use this script to explain what you will need to get things done.

In order for us to be successful in this [Digital Plumbing] package, there are certain things that we're going to need from you, and I want you to understand that because unless we have these particular items from you, think of those as ingredients in the cookbook, we're not going to be able to bake and cook the items that you want for your meal so to speak.

In this case, for [Digital Plumbing], we're going to need the Access Checklist, which gives us access to all your assets so we can put tracking in place, verify, and make sure everything's working well.

Number two, we're going to need your Goals, Content, and Targeting, which we call the Strategy Assessment.

Those are the particular elements of your Goals, Content, and Targeting that help differentiate your business as a [chiropractor] in your city to make sure that we can hone in on exactly who your very best customer is with the exact content that is driving customers to come to you.

With [Digital Plumbing], we can figure out what that is, and we don't have to guess.

Call to Action

Use this script to conclude your presentation with a call to action.

I'm [Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics], and I would love to help you implement [Digital Plumbing] for your business.

Contact me or fill out the link on the form below, and I will help you get your [Digital Plumbing] done step by step so that you can have confidence in your data and not be plagued by waste and random things occurring in your digital marketing.

Knowing what's working and what's not is the key to being able to start tuning your business to drive more leads.


Welcome & Thank You Message

Use this script once the package purchase pushes through.

Congratulations, you have just gotten the [Digital Plumbing] package, and I am so excited.

I'm [Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics], and the fact that you have just gotten going and taken the first step in [Digital Plumbing] means that we're going to get all your tracking in place, and you can start to live comfortably knowing that your digital marketing is checklist-driven instead of randomly driven.

Now, in the next few hours, you're going to get some notes from me that will set up the rest of the process. As I told you before, we're going to go through the Access Checklist so we can go through all your different digital assets and start tying them together.

We will need your Strategy Assessment which is your Goals, Content, and Targeting. It's going to take us perhaps two to three weeks to get this process done, sometimes more or less, depending on the issues we find along the way.

Expect a midpoint report just to let you know how things are going, and at the end, we will deliver a final report with a checklist showing exactly what has been done including notes so you can inspect and see what's going on.

We will test the data to make sure everything's working. We're not just implementing it and giving it to you. We are testing it to make sure it's working. We'll also have a meeting at the end to talk about what we've done, answer any questions you may have, and then be able to think about the next steps.

The Access Checklist

Use this script to initiate the process which starts with getting access.

Awesome! Now, we need to get access to your different assets so we can start to put our [Digital Plumbing] in place.

You'll see in the attached document that it goes through step by step how you can give us access in the right way to your website, to your Google Analytics account, to your Google Tag Manager, to your Facebook Ads, and all these other assets.

If you don't have them, we will also show you how to create them. If you have any questions along the way, let us know. If there are items that you're not sure that you need like maybe your LinkedIn or your Twitter, or maybe you want to connect your email or your CRM, let me know.

We'll figure out a way to make that work for you because for the things that are important to you, we want to make sure that we are tracking those items as part of your [Digital Plumbing].


Goals, Content, and Targeting

Use this script to explain what happens during the Strategy Assessment stage.

Now, we're going to collect your Goals, Content, and Targeting, and this is what we call strategy. The Strategy Assessment is a form I would like you to fill out to collect your Goals, Content, and Targeting.

These are specific items that differentiate your business and make it uniquely you. Even though the process is the same that we're running through the Social Amplification Engine and the different steps in [Digital Plumbing], the frameworks are the same. The particular assets that we run through differentiate your business, so help us understand as best you can in filling out this form.

What is it that drives you? What is it that caused you to start the business? What do you need to have in terms of a cost per call or cost per lead?

If you don't know what those numbers are, that's okay. We'll help you, and if you need to make up a number just to guess to say a new customer is worth 200, that's fine. We can change things along the way because the first point in being able to start optimizing is to start with the number. We can adjust it along the way.

So, congratulations! This part is the Strategy Assessment. When that's done, we'll be able to officially start [Digital Plumbing] because now, we have access, and now, we have your strategy.

The Kick-off Meeting (optional)

Use this script one week after the client submits the Strategy Assessment.

Hey there, it's [Dennis] again. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that everything's going well with your Digital Plumbing.

I appreciate you sending over the Strategy Assessment. We are nearly done with the plumbing, and I think in a few days if everything goes well, I'm going to send you a final report that's going to go through all the different items.

So, stay tuned. Watch your email to see a final report from me which also gives you an opportunity to schedule a call so that you and I can go through what we've done one-on-one to answer your questions and talk about the next steps.

I hope you're having a good day.

Final Delivery of Assets

Digital Audit

Use this script once the Digital Plumbing stage is complete.

Hey, congratulations! I've got some good news here.

We have completed your [Digital Plumbing]. Attached, you're going to find a one-pager, the original checklist that outlines exactly what we said we're going to do step by step including the [Digital Plumbing Guide] which shows you, if you wanted to, how you could do it yourself step by step to follow along.

Sometimes, it's just good to know how things are done even if you don't want to become a specialist in implementing [Digital Plumbing]. At least, you know that we're following a particular checklist.

I welcome you to take a look at it, and once you've had a good chance to look through it, think about the questions that you have.

Let's schedule some time in the next few days to be able to talk through it and talk about the next steps.

I'm so excited that we've gotten this first phase together, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.

Use this script after doing a Digital Audit.

Local service businesses are struggling with digital marketing. It's hard enough for them to focus on taking care of patients and customers much less worry about their website, social media, video, Google search results, and all these different things, tools, vendors, agencies, and the latest news and things changing.

That's why we created this Digital Audit for local businesses. We cover six different categories of the most common things we see that local businesses are losing money and losing customers for the easiest of things to fix.

Let me tell you what these six things are so you can understand what they are. You can audit them yourself or you can hire us to get it done in this package.

Point #1 is your listings accuracy. Your name, address, phone, and details about your business are so important on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Yelp, InfoUSA, and other kinds of directories that share data with each other.

We're going to make sure that the very core, all your data, and the data layer bubbles all the way up so that whatever shows up on Twitter and whatever sorts they pull from or whatever shows up on Facebook, the yellow pages, and other sources they pull from is accurate because if your data is not accurate, then your search results are not going to be accurate. People can't find you.

We're going to look at your social media, and you may say, "Oh my goodness, there are so many social media sites.'

Point #2, we're going to figure out what kinds of things you need to do. We're going to see where you get the most engagement, what content is working the best, where you're getting the most positive and negative sentiment, and pull out those comments that you may have missed across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because the odds are, you don't have time to monitor all of these, but what if we monitored that for you and surfaced the most important items?

Point #3, let's look at your SEO meaning how you rank on search engines and particularly, in Google, in the local three-pack results.

If you pull out your phone and you do a search for Long Beach [chiropractor], in the category you're in and the city, are you there in the local three-pack search results? If you're not there, you are missing out on huge opportunities.

We're going to figure out what's not working, why it's not working, and what you need to do to be able to fix that.

Isn't that cool? How valuable is that to be able to fix what's going on in search results?

Point #4 is your website. The website is what anchors together all the information about your business, and Google now cares very much about whether your site is mobile-friendly, which is a big change that's happened in the last couple of years, how fast does the site load, does it work on an iPhone, does it have a phone number and contact form, is it very clear the business that you're in, is it indexable, do you have sitewide SSL?

We're going to go through the most basic issues that we see local businesses stumble upon and show you how to fix them.

Point #5 are reviews. Reviews, no secret, are the most important aspect in local not because it's necessary to drive preference in search results but it's also necessary to drive conversion.

It's also how you collect content because the best customers do your marketing for you. That's the advantage that you get. That's where advertising comes in. That's where remarketing comes in.

What do you do if you have a negative review? What do you do to make sure you're responding to the different reviews across all the different channels? What if you don't have at least a 4.5 average rating? That means you are losing ground with the search engines and directories.

We're going to show you what to do with your reviews game to be able to get more reviews and handle negative reviews.

Finally, #6 is advertising. That includes things like remarketing and boosting posts on Facebook. If you're not doing it, you're missing out because it's a paid play game, and advertising is how you throw fuel on the fire. You amplify to get more of what's working.

These six categories that we talked about, we're covering in this local audit. It's called our Digital Audit, and we're selling it for a very low price. We're going to prepare this report. It may take us a couple of days to generate it and to do an analysis. And then, we're going to set up a time to have a meeting where you and I can go through it one-on-one and talk about the things that are working and not working, how you might fix these items, and what the next steps are.

I'm looking forward to you checking out. It is a great way to figure out what's working and not working and take the first steps to be able to start taking action to get more leads for your local service business.

Thank You!

Dennis Yu: The Genius Behind BlitzMetrics

CEO BlitzMetrics

Dennis Yu is co-author of the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media, The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads. He has spent a billion dollars on Facebook ads across his agencies and agencies he advises. Mr. Yu is the "million jobs" guy-- on a mission to create one million jobs via hands-on social media training, partnering with universities and professional organizations.

You can find him quoted in major publications and on television such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, and LA Times. Clients have included Nike, Red Bull, the Golden State Warriors, Ashley Furniture, Quiznos-- down to local service businesses like real estate agents and dentists. He's spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries, having flown over 6 million miles in the last 30 years to train up young adults and business owners. He speaks for free as long as the organization believes in the job-creation mission and covers business class travel.

You can find him hiking tall mountains, eating chicken wings, and taking Kaqun oxygen baths-- likely in a city near you.