Why Hire Filipino Workers?

Some of the Virtual Assistants will ask about pay, so here's what you need to know.

What makes hiring from the Philippines different? We’ve seen firsthand that our VAs are capable of doing great work from home where they are comfortable and, therefore, able to accomplish tasks more efficiently. They are no longer held back by commuting and dealing with the traffic problems which makes employees feel burned out even before they start working in the office. A significant number of college graduates, trained individuals, and overall, talented, hard-working Filipinos are underemployed or unemployed. By hiring Filipino VAs, we help with the country’s unemployment problem and provide career opportunities that they would typically not have access to so they can grow professionally.

• They’re loyal
• They’re problem solvers
• They’re fast learners
• They take their jobs seriously

Most VAs make $500 a month in the Philippines. That’s a decent living for a college-educated digital marketing specialist, low as it may seem compared to what we enjoy in the US.

Awesome VAs make $1,000+ a month-- yes, it’s a monthly salary, as they don’t really do hourly and prefer be to loyal employees. Onlinejobs.ph is THE dominant site for VAs and their top range of pay is at $1k+ a month.

Our first VAs were at $1,500 a month, which is why we’ve gotten so many responses to our postings-- over 400 applicants. But only the very best will get this pay.

Filipinos are some of the hardest, loyal, and caring people we have. There culture is just different from ours.
VA Hiring Process
Operations Diagram