Win SEO Clients by Focusing on Profitability


Concept: In order to optimize, you have to find something wrong. Optimization is all about fixing problems and gaps on a site to ensure better exposure in search.

Win SEO Clients

Strategy: As an initial focus, looking at keywords, competition, traffic, and SERP features is a great way to figure out “problems” that can help drive more profits for the site.

The trigger: Do this after understanding the site’s GCT as a diagnostic, hunting down potential problems that you can fix.

Win SEO Clients: Take action

Business Task — Find Something Wrong and Focus on Profitability to Win SEO Clients: Keyword Analysis

Time: 5-10 minutes


  1. In the Organic Research section, click on different keywords to learn more about them. Does the site you’re analyzing have a product related to these keywords? Prioritizing keywords that are related to products and money pages makes sense. The main goal in SEO is to take actions that most help to increase profitability for your client.
  2. On Google, search for each keyword you think might be important for your client online and look at the results. Given what pages are ranking for this term, what does the intent of the person searching seem to be? Understanding intent can help you better optimize content for these keywords.
  3. Now, look at the top ten search results more in detail by clicking on each URL. How are these results different from the page that your site is ranking for? How can you improve your page by mimicking some of the features on these pages? 

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