Writing Your Book in a Weekend Using Jasper


Why should business experts write a book?

Books are the new business cards of our age. They’re effective because they show our potential customers the level of our business knowledge and expertise. When you author your own book, people start to see you as the go-to authority in a subject.

Books distinguish business owners from their competitors and give them an extra layer of content to promote and extend their brand. You can use books, for example, to land podcasting and media opportunities or earn guest blogging spots.

Problems with traditional book writing

But the problem is who has time to write? In our fast-paced world, every minute is a precious resource. With all that you have to do in your day, carving out extra time for book writing might seem an impossible task.

The old way was either to chunk out the time and spend months typing out your manuscript or to hire a ghostwriter to write for you. But these time-consuming, costly methods only made it so more business owners never took the time to publish their manuscript.

Writing a professional book the new way: JASPER.AI

In this course, Darby Rollins, founder of the Jarvis Underground, and author of three books now on Amazon, teaches a new way to write for time-strapped business professionals. This is a method that is so easy, so time-efficient, and so inexpensive that you can literally write a whole book in a weekend.

Darby’s answer to this problem of the unwritten book? Artificial Intelligence.

Using a new AI writing tool called Jasper.ai and a voice-to-text Chrome extension called Voice In, Darby demonstrates how to make writing your book fast, fun, and cost-effective.

In addition to this, Darby includes a template he created inside the AI that matches the format used by many of The New York Time’s best-selling authors. This ensures your book not only gets written, but it also gets written right.