Ordering Face Socks


We love our friends and show it often. One of the ways we show love is by giving gifts, such as custom face socks. This is part of our Thank You Machine, which is part of the larger Content Factory process.

Imagine your face on a pair of socks. So cool!

It is the kind of personalized gift that people appreciate– and we’ve even collected hundreds of social media posts where people proudly share them.

Before placing an order...

If you ever get asked to order custom socks for someone, you'll need to gather some information first.

You'd want to know the following:

  1. Who is it for?

You will be supplied with the name of the intended recipient. You may need to search through email messages to find their names. If you’re not sure who the recipient is, please ask someone who knows.

  1. Where will it be delivered?

You will need the mailing address here. To get it, use Google. Search their business website and even their social media accounts. If you need to ask the person, do it through email. Ask for their mailing address and tell them that it’s for updating our contact list. If that doesn’t work, ask Dennis.

  1. Where can you get a decent picture?

You will also need to find a suitable picture. You can get one from their LinkedIn profile, business bio, social media, or company website. Please make sure that the person in the picture and the intended recipient are one and the same person.

  1. You will need a message to go with the gift

Most likely, you will be supplied with the message, but just in case you don't receive a message, please ask the sender or use your best judgment.

Logging into Videosocks

If you need to place an order for more than one recipient, place each order separately unless all of the recipients belong to the same mailing address.

You should only place the order using the Firefox browser. All other browsers will not work because of cookie/cache issues. We get a discount from the supplier every time we place an order. The discount will not be applied if you use another browser. Download and install Firefox if you don’t have it.

We order our custom socks from VideoSocks, which is a Shopify store. Contact operations@blitzmetrics.com to request the login credentials if you’re a team member.

How to place an order

1. Once logged in, click on "Shop" at the top of the page.


2. Select "Sock + Note Bundle." This costs $29.99 per order as of July 2022.


3. Select "L" for the sock size.


4. Choose a suitable background.


5. Upload the picture.


6. Enter the message in the "Handwritten Note" input box.


7. Choose "1" for the quantity.


8. Click "Add to cart."


9. Proceed to the checkout process.

Verification Checklist

Consult this checklist to ensure the successful execution of the task.

  1. The name of the recipient is correct.
  2. The address of the recipient is correct.
  3. The picture of the recipient is correct.
  4. The accompanying message is appropriate.
  5. You chose the correct bundle (sock + note).
  6. The price is correct.
  7. The size of the socks is correct.
  8. An appropriate background was selected.
  9. The picture was uploaded.
  10. The message was entered.
  11. The quantity is correct.
  12. A confirmation of the order was received.

Virtual Assistants Can Help

If you're serious about getting your Thank You Machine going, you can hire competent virtual assistants to do tasks like this for you and more. Please take a look at our Hiring Process Flow Chart to have an idea of the process.

That's it. Now, let's see you create your own guide.

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