Six Roles for Virtual assistants

As part of our proven hiring process, we have hired multiple virtual assistants over the past 5 years who have become long-term team members of BlitzMetrics and assisted our partners in hiring high-quality virtual assistants. In our VA Hiring Process, we have compiled a system for screening and hiring virtual assistants.

Six Roles for Virtual assistants
Six Roles for Virtual assistants

1. Video Editor

  • Take raw videos and upload to YouTube library and content library.
  • Chop them up, edit them, and add captions and effects. 
  • Upload to Facebook as drafts

2. Operations Specialist

  • Onboard new clients and specialists.
  • Handle packages and billing via Infusionsoft.
  • Follow up on dropped items.
  • Schedule meetings, including reminders.
  • Update operation processes

3. Content Specialist 

  • Transcribe audio
  • Manage Quuu submissions.
  • Lightweight editorial and coordination– listicles, interviews, webinar summaries, topic wheels.
  • Gather content to assemble topic wheel and other components of the client and internal Content libraries.

4. Designer

  • Maintain guide iterations, working with full-time employees.
  • Update master asset tracker and list of Infusionsoft landing pages.
  • Create client-specific versions, including infographics.

5. Community Management

  • Lightweight responses on Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Help users with basic questions– sending them to relevant articles, videos, and courses.
  • Manage connection requests for Dennis on Facebook.
  • Answer the phone during core hours– phone number on site, and Facebook messenger leads.

6. Engineering

  • Implement plumbing on new client websites.
  • Manage IF/THEN triggers in the Logic Builder.
  • Configure new websites for clients and specialists (WPMU and integration).
  • Update database schema documentation and engineering roadmap.