Tasks And Responsibilities/Figureheads

Years of work experience and extreme ownership has taught me that there are no bad teams, only bad leaders. Focusing on results rather than how long they work or how hard they work is the key to building a goal-oriented team.

Tasks and Responsibilities

After hiring process, there will be certain tasks and responsibilities that every VA have to perform.

1. Operations

2. Design

3. Video Editing


Tasks and Responsibilities
Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Operations:

What You Do: Operations plays a critical part in any business since it handles the successful delivery of products and services. Part of what we do is to make sure that we are able to deliver the services to our clients – this includes responding to client inquiries, providing support on client projects, and light project management in course and guide production. We work and support our onshore team to make sure that our clients get the best service or product that we can offer.

How Others can Become a Figurehead: One can be a figurehead by making sure that the principles of DDD, CID, and LDT are nailed down. As a figurehead, you are a role model that others in the team can follow and reliably lean on.

2. Design:

What You Do: I am currently a VA level 3 specialist and team lead of the design team. As a team lead my main responsibility is for the creative execution of cross-categorical projects and overseeing the quality and visual integrity standards of BlitzMetrics. Our design team can also be called “the visual storytellers” because we bring data to life through graphics and data visualization, as well as designing key elements for presentations and express/premium guides and packages.

How Others can Become a Figurehead: Aside from mastering all the nine triangles of BlitzMetrics. To be a good leader you also have to be a good servant. I am fortunate to be in a servant-leader culture inculcated by Dennis. If you are a servant leader… humility, integrity and everything will follow.

3. Video Editing:

What You Do: Video Editing is one of the crucial roles in the team as we encourage our clients to make one-minute videos for a dollar-a-day. As a video editor, my main responsibility is to make sure that our videos are edited based on the standard that the company holds, may it be promo videos, one-minute videos, speaker reels, tutorials and teasers. Imagination, creativity and attention to details are essential skills that a video editor must have in order to generate the best possible video output. From placing video hooks to placing lower-thirds to proper color grading to sequencing the clips to mixing in the perfect music bed to enhancing the vocal narration to placing catchy titles, these are some of the main things needed to be considered in the editing process.

How Others can Become a Figurehead: You must be willing to learn and improve continuously. Learn the basics of the nine triangles and improve through constant application of those concepts. Never cease to learn from others and accept opinions constructively. Skills are vital but attitude is more important.